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The Joint Institute of the Dalian University of Technology and Belarusian State University (hereinafter referred to as “DUT-BSU Joint Institute”) is a major initiative of Dalian University of Technology in response to the “Action on Jointly Build the Education of One Belt and One Road” proposed by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. It aims to comprehensively optimize the discipline structure, to improve the level of internationalization, and to build “Double-First Class” (The Double First Class University Plan or Double Top University Plan). DUT-BSU Joint Institute is the first Sino-foreign cooperative education institution at undergraduate level under joint approval of the Ministry of Education of China and Belarus.


Located in the main campus of Dalian University of Technology, DUT-BSU Joint Institute is a secondary school in Dalian University of Technology and was officially established on March 29, 2017 with the approval of the Ministry of Education. Relying on Dalian University of Technology and Belarusian National University, DUT-BSU Joint Institute integrates high-quality educational and teaching resources from China and Belarus. It adopts the international leading training model of multi-skill innovative talents, closely combines the “One Belt, One Road” strategic needs, guided by technological innovation, service industry and service economy, to cultivate professionals to meet the national strategic needs.


DUT-BSU Joint Institute has introduced international advanced teaching methods. Students are enrolled in both DUT and BSU, for those who have completed four years of professional learning and achieve qualified grades can obtain bachelor degree and diploma certificate from DUT and Bachelor degree from BSU. The training program and curriculum system are jointly formulated by the two parties. More than one-third of these courses are taught by foreign experts with teachers from DUT as teaching assistants. In order to ensure the teaching quality, the college has set up high-intensity English language learning and Russian language learning in the first academic year, which allow students to enjoy international cutting-edge education without going abroad.


DUT-BSU Joint Institute attaches great importance to build an international communication platform for students. DUT has now established long-term stable collaboration with 207 universities and research institutions in 29 countries and regions.Students can have an exchange opportunity to Belarus or other western countries with full funding by the college. Besides, students can apply for various long-term and short-term international exchange programs.