Ph.D Program
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Physics (DUT-BSU Joint Training Mode)

This discipline of Dalian University of Technology has six second-level doctoral programs in Plasma Physics, Theoretical Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Optics, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics. This discipline has long maintained the top 1% of ESI in the world, and entered the top 500 of QS in the world. Through introduction of the high-quality resources of the Belarusian State University in the field of physics, the DUT-BSU Joint Institute is to train high-level talents who can be engaged in teaching, scientific research and management of physics.


Mechanics (DUT-BSU Joint Training Mode)

As a national key discipline, the first-level discipline of mechanics includes eleven sub-disciplines in DUT. Except for general mechanics and mechanics foundation, solid mechanics, fluid mechanics and engineering mechanics, seven sub-disciplines have been independently established, i.e. computational mechanics, geotechnical and environmental mechanics, dynamics and control, applied experimental mechanics, biology and nanomechanics, aerospace mechanics and engineering, and manufacturing process mechanics. Combining the advantages of the two universities, we are committed to cultivate high-quality comprehensive talents in mechanics.

Optical Engineering (DUT-BSU Joint Training Mode)

With a first-class scientific and technological doctoral point, a post doctoral mobile station and a undergraduate program, this discipline of DUT has obvious advantages in the research fields of optical fiber sensing technology, microwave photonics, laser spectroscopy and laser remote sensing technology in China. It has successively undertaken dozens of major projects, key projects and general projects of NSFC, national high-tech and scientific research projects, national key R&D projects, international cooperation and national defense projects, and industrial application projects serving local economic development and technological progress of enterprises. DUT-BSU Joint Institute introduces the high-quality resources of the BSU in the field of optical engineering.

Applied Mathematics (DUT-BSU Joint Training Mode)

The doctoral program of DUT was set up in 2003, with a post-doctoral mobile station in mathematics. In recent years, more than 200 scientific and technical papers in the fields of mechanical solution of differential equation, mathematical theory of finite element, partial differential equation and its application, combinatorics, power systems, bio-informatics, bio-mathematics, etc. have been retrieved by SCI, and more than ten textbooks and monographs have been published. The mathematics of BSU ranks among the top in the world. Based on the strong academic foundation of the two universities, DUT-BSU Joint Institute aims to train high-level talents who can be engaged in teaching, scientific research, application or related fields of applied mathematics.