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Teachers and Students of DUT Extend Sincere Congratulations on the 100th Anniversary of BSU


On October 30, Belarusian State University (BSU) will celebrate its 100th anniversary. With close exchanges and profound friendship between Dalian University of Technology (DUT) and BSU, DUT has planned a series of activities to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the BSU and extend warm congratulations to all BSU teachers, students and alumni from all over the world.


Guo Dongming, President of DUT hassent a congratulatory letter and video on behalf of all the teachers and students. Guo Dongming has reviewed the exchanges and cooperation between the two universities in the fields of personnel training, scientific research cooperation and cultural exchanges, and recalled the profound friendship between the two universities over the years. He hopes that the two universities would work together and make positive contributions to the transmission of China-Belarus friendship from generation to generation in the field of higher education of both countries.


Professor Deng Wei of the School of Architecture and Fine Arts specially designed a replica of the traditional Chinese“Ding”as a congratulatory gift for BSU's centenary. "Ding" is a ceremonial vessel for recording achievements, as well as a vessel for harmony, representing lofty etiquette. With this present,DUT wishes BSU a prosperous development in all undertakings.


On October 21st, DUT-BSU Joint Institute (DBJI) organized teachers and students to shoot a video to celebrate the 100th anniversary of BSU and to express their wishes for BSU. Students performed Belarusian folk songs and dances under the banner of BSU, demonstrating the youth style of Chinese and Belarusian students.

On October 25th, which was the first day of the celebration week of BSU, DBJI and BSU-DUT Joint Institute (BDJI) launched the online conference of "Find Out and Make Friends" together. Prof. Ji Shunying and Prof. Igor Saladukhin, deans of the two institutes, warmly greeted the students. Prof. Ji Shunying, on behalf of all members of DBJI, extended his best wishes to BSU.

Since 2007, DUT has maintained close exchanges with BSU and made remarkable achievements in educational and scientific research cooperation, such as DUT-BSU Joint Institute, BSU-DUT Joint Institute and the Confucius Institute. We sincerely look forward to working with BSU in the field of higher education in the future to build a smooth and friendly exchange platform for young students from both China and Belarus, cultivate "Schoolfellow Friendship" between Chinese and Belarusian students, constantly promote the construction of "the Belt and Road" all the way to a broader and deeper development to contribute to the coordinated development of China and Belarus and even the world!