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The Online Communication Activity "Find Out and Make Friends" was Successfully Held


On the evening of November 29, the second stage of the online communication activity "Find Out and Make Friends" co-hosted by DUT-BSU Joint Institute and BSU-DUT Joint Institute was successfully held on ZOOM. Since the event was officially launched in October, more than 70 freshmen from both Dalian University of Technology and Belarusian State University have participated in it. Prof. Ji Shunying, Dean of DBJI, and Prof. Guo Shuhong, Vice Dean of DBJI attended the meeting which was moderated by Prof. Igor Saladukhin, Dean of BDJI.


At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Ji Shunying greeted the students cordially. He said that through this activity, the students have shown their great potential. Both institutes would continue to provide students with a high level of academic and culture exchange platform, He hoped that the students of the two institutes could give full play to their strengths and strive to become an aspiring talent with an international vision, making contributions to China, Belarus and even the world.


Prof. Igor Saladukhin also spoke highly of this activity, and expressed his sincere thanks to the contribution of DBJI to the exchange and cooperation between the two universities. He sincerely hoped that students of the two schools could have a strong body and smart mind, and make progress together in the future study and exchange, and the friendship will last forever.


During the meeting, the teachers and students watched a series of short films created by the students of the two institutes, learned about the atmosphere and beauty of the other country, city and school, shared the hobbies and culture of the young people living in the two different countries, and felt the vitality of the two countries in the historical change and development. With great interest, students actively discussed in the comments section and expressed their expectations for meeting offline in the future.


Prof. Igor Saladukhin then announced the winning video works, and the students of the two institutes also gave speeches. Maryia and Elizabeth, students from BDJI, greeted everyone in fluent Chinese and expressed their love for Chinese culture, which surprised all the audience. Nikita Chan also shared a Christmas tree in the street of Minsk, which let the students in Dalian could experience the festive atmosphere of Belarus.


At the end of the activity, Prof. Guo Shuhong congratulated the students for successfully completing the online project and achieving excellent results. She said that the exchanges between the students of the two universities made her deeply feel their profound friendship, and she could not help recalling the moments when she worked and studied in BSU. She hoped that the teachers and students of the two universities could overcome the difficulties together and get together in Dalian as soon as possible.


In the future, we will continue to cooperate with BSU-DUT Joint Institute, jointly construct platform for international education, quality education resources, expand channels for students to participate in international exchanges, and focus on the needs of students and listen to their aspirations, commonly promote bred "Schoolfellow Friendship" initiative, make more contributions to jointly serving the overall interests of China-foreign friendship in the field of higher education.