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2021 Academic Annual Conference of DBJI was Successfully Held


The 2021 Academic Annual Conference of DUT-BSU Joint Institute was successfully held on November 10. The conference was jointly organized by Dalian University of Technology and Belarusian State University, and hosted by DBJI and DUT-BSU Joint Research and Innovation Center. The theme of the conference is "Deepening Exchanges, Cooperation and Innovation", which aims to further promote the international cooperation between DUT and BSU, promote the scientific research cooperation of the Research and Innovation Center, and celebrate the 100th anniversary of BSU.

Professor Zhu Hong, Vice President of DUT, and Professor Dmitry Medvedev, first Vice-Rectorof BSU attended the meeting and delivered a speech.Dean Ji Shunying, Vice-Dean Guo Shuhong, Wu Heng, Gao Junfeng and more than 50 scholars from both sides attended the online conference. The opening ceremony was presided over by Professor Guo Shuhong.

Zhu Hong extended warm congratulations on the centennial celebration of BSU, expressed her sincere thanks and respect to all the experts and teachers from both sides who have made outstanding contributions to the friendly exchanges and cooperation between the two universities over the years, and highly recognized the achievements of DBJI and the DUT-BSU Joint Research and Innovation Center. She pointed out that DBJI and the Center should explore more diversified ways of international exchange and cooperation, continue to build a high-level cooperative research team, and establish a model of China-Belarus cooperation brand.

Dmitry Medvedev said in his speech that DBJI will recruit its first master and doctoral students this year. The two universities should stay true to their original aspiration, take the Center as the starting point, jointly discuss the next development plan, and cultivate high-level talents with advanced knowledge in many fields.

At the opening ceremony, Ji Shunying reported the work progress of DBJI and the Research and Innovation Center, summarized the project support and research progress of the center in the past three years, affirmed the academic achievements made by the two sides, and made plans and prospects for the development of the Institute and the Center in the future.

Then, the two sides discussed seven research topics which are "Computational Mechanics and Engineering Science Computing" "Significant Engineering and Industrial Equipment of the Structure of the Test, Analysis and Evaluation" "Heavy Car Structure Analysis and Intelligent Vehicles" "Micro-Nano Satellites and Advanced Propulsion Technology" "Photoelectric Instrument and System" "Plasma Physics and Applications" and "Quantum Physics and Nanohysics". The leaders of the seven research directions of both sides introduced the development of the research teams respectively, showed the achievements of scientific and educational cooperation, and proposed the topics for future cooperation. They deeply agreed to expand the scale and deepen the content of cooperation in the future.

After the opening ceremony, the special academic branch of "Computational Mechanics and Engineering Scientific Computing" was held. Professor Zheng Yonggang, Deputy Director of Department of Engineering Mechanics presided over the discussion, and mechanics experts from the two universities respectively completed six wonderful academic reports and carried out heated discussions, which played a good demonstration role in the opening of the series of academic conferences. In the near future, DBJI will hold workshops on the remaining six research topics.

Taking the centennial anniversary of BSU as an opportunity and relying on the cooperation platform of DUT-BSU Joint Research and Innovation Center, DBJI successfully held this online academic annualconference.This is an innovative attempt of DBJI to deal with the international communication under the situation of the epidemic and an important measure to implement the policy of opening up education. DBJI will continue to promote international talent training, improve the international influence of DUT, and promote the development of DUT's international education.