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Multi-scale Modeling and Simulation of Particle Flow System in a Fluidized Bed Reactor for Hydrogen Production from Supercritical Water


Topic: Multi-scale modeling and Simulation of particle flow system in a fluidized bed reactor for Hydrogen production from supercritical water

LecturerZhang HaoNortheastern University

Time400-500 pm, Semptember 24th, 2020

Location: Room 602, 1st Experiment Building


Supercritical water coal steaming technology has outstanding advantages such as fast reaction speed, high hydrogen production, no emission of gaseous pollutants, low water consumption and strong material adaptability. At the sub-particle scale, the micro-scale momentum and energy transfer mechanism of the particle-supercritical water under the supercritical water environment are revealed; at the particle scale, the critical fluidization velocity changes of supercritical water hydrogen production fluidized bed reactors with different particle size distributions are studied. The scale-up criterion for supercritical water fluidized bed reactor is proposed at the reactor scale.

Brief Introduction of Lecturer:

Zhang Hao received his Ph.D. from the Technological University of Catalonia in 2015. He is currently an associate professor at the School of Metallurgy of Northeastern University and the deputy director of the Institute of Particle Technology of Northeastern University. For the past 10 years, he has been engaged in modeling and numerical simulation of computational particle technology, and is currently a young director of the Chinese Particle Society. He has published 50 SCI papers in the field of computational particle technology and multiphase flow (37 in JCR 1 area, 3 highly cited by ESI).